Thu Dec 7th Wall Ball Cancelled Due to Rain

Wall Ball at Olympus

We are excited to announce that we will be hosting open wall ball sessions at Olympus Jr High through January for boys and girls ages 8U and up!


Wall ball in lacrosse is when you throw a ball off a wall and catch it ... and throw it back again.  For younger or less experienced players, just being able to catch the ball a few times a session is a challenge.  There are lots of different ways you can throw or catch or mix in additional skills to make it challenging and beneficial for even the most experienced players.  The general progression is...

  1. Learning to consistently throw the ball so it bounces back in a location that gives you a chance of catching it
  2. Becoming consistent at catching the "good" passes you throw to yourself
  3. Being able to also catch the "bad" passes that don't come back exactly where you want them
  4. Adding skills, playing faster, throwing harder, using both hands ... and any number of things to make sessions increasingly difficult

YouTube has LOTS of wall ball workouts, but here is a sample GIRLS VIDEO and sample BOYS VIDEOWe will also have goals at Olympus so anyone showing up can also work on shooting.


Being able to catch and throw confidently and consistently is the biggest challenge for youth lacrosse players across all age groups.  Until a basic level of proficiency can be achieved it is difficult for boys and girls of any age to effectively play with teammates during games, and therefore can be a significant impediment to being able to fully enjoy playing lacrosse.  The only way to get better is by getting lots of reps outside of regular practice time.  This can be accomplished by playing catch with friends or family members, but the best way to get the most reps and to force players to focus on perfecting both passing and catching is through wall ball.


Wall Ball sessions will be at Olympus Jr High - 2625 La Croix Dr, Roseville, CA 95661.  We will be on the blacktop by the huge wall next to the school parking lot on La Croix Dr.


Wall Ball sessions will be on Mondays and Thursdays from 4-5.  The sessions are open - so you can show up whenever you want and stay for as long as you want.  Staying for 30 minutes would allow for a pretty good workout and number of reps.  Full schedule with day/time changes over holidays HERE


The sessions are open to any boys and girls 8U and up that want to come practice.  They will be run by a combination of adult coaches and high school players that will provide both suggested activities AND detailed instruction so players of all experience can benefit from the sessions.


  • Stick
  • Boys 10U and up - bring helmet and gloves
  • Girls 10U and up - bring goggles
  • Athletic sneakers for the blacktop (do not wear cleats)