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Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse Ball Beast Program



A Grizzlies BALL BEAST is a Lacrosse player who commits to improve their individual stick work in the off-season and outside of regular practices and games.  These workouts can be completed by playing catch in front of a wall or bounce-back, or by playing catch with a parent or friend.  Watch a video of a complete Ball Beast Workout by Clicking Here!


Workouts are done on a player’s own time and are particularly valuable in getting a player ready for their next spring Lacrosse Season.  A true BALL BEAST knows that great stick work is the essential ingredient of Lacrosse and it can only be developed through practice and repetition.  They also know that a BALL BEAST can play their stick equally from both the left and right side.  This off-season is your chance to become a Grizzlies BALL BEAST. 


Next February, we will measure levels of proficiency for each team based on a certification test to prove your stick skills and earn helmet decals for completing individual workouts.  


Every three (3) workouts below earn you one (1) BALL BEAST helmet decal. 

Level Three Certification (see link below for details) will earn a GB lacrosse tee shirt!

Level Two Certification (see link below for details) will earn a GB lacrosse jacket!

Level One Certification (see link below for details) will earn a $100 lacrosse gift card!


Click Here for U9 & U11 Ball Beast Program Details!

Click Here for U13 & U15 Ball Beast Program Details!

Click Here to Watch a Video of a Ball Beast Workout!

Click Here for details on the Certification Tests that will be held in Feb 2012!