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New this 2019 season, Granite Bay Youth Lacrosse is partnering with Warrior and Lacrosse Fanatic to provide affordable, convenient gear at discounted prices.

The Warrior Direct To Team program was created as a way to help grow and raise the profile of the sport by providing gear and equipment at lower costs. Partnering with programs and teams was once reserved for the higher end collegiate programs but is now available for our youth offering better product pricing by selling direct. 

Lacrosse Fanatic, a retail store in Rancho Cordova, has expanded their online store and offers 10% off all orders, in store and online. Reps from STX, EPOCH, True, Cascade, ECD, StringKing and Maverik have said that they now have one of the top ten lacrosse stores in the country, based on prices, size, selection, expertise and large demo / training area. 



Lacrosse Fanatic Team Store

Use team code granitebay18! to access store. Code granitebay18! is also a 10% off coupon code!


Warrior Store

Use code 1234